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DPDK is a studio, design

DPDK is a studio, design boutique and production company Cooperation and collaboration are at the heart of everything which you’ve set out to catch the dragon by moving your smartphone around. The site works flawlessly on mobile devices, which is a unique feature for such a complex product. “We love to translate a story into an idea, and then translate the idea to an engaging user experience through our production. With all the necessary specialists that work together at DPDK we can achieve a cutting edge production within a relatively short time.” Some of the projects that DPDK has completed are large and complex, so how does DPDK approach each and every project that comes through their doors? Van Helten explains the approach. “Large-scale projects often have a timeline of six to 12 months. Half of our projects we produce within six months. The core of a team consists of two backend developers, two frontend developers, an art director and a producer. Often, a strategist and the creative director also join the team, depending the nature of the project. Larger projects at DPDK usually have the focal point towards technical development, because backend integrations with systems used by our clients are time consuming to develop.” The toolset that is now available to digital developers is massive and continually evolving, with some agencies even developing their own frameworks to be used in their projects. So how does DPDK approach using its toolset? Van Helten outlines its current practices: “Whenever we develop a backend, we work with Drupal. It’s the most flexible and reliable Open Source system available and has a large support community. “For design and frontend there are the usual suspect such as Photoshop, but all in all we do not cling to a certain package simply because it worked last time. When you’re focusing on creating cutting edge, you have to be willing to try new methods every single time in order to become cutting edge. The one tool where both the whole team and the client connect is the project management tools Basecamp for project/ team communication, Jira for bug tracking, Github for software repositories and Google Apps for sharing documents and presentations.” 36 _________________________________________________________________pro file

“We are very excited about how WebGL is influencing the Web. Since WebGL is embraced widely by the mobile industry, we see that this technique is maturing very fast indeed. With this technique it’s possible to create rich experiences for advertising campaigns and interactive websites. Also this year we have already experimented with WebGL and WebVR within a number of our productions. It is fantastic to see what’s possible and how the Web develops through these tools. We are very excited about the future!” The vast proportion of prospective clients will often have a very clear idea of how they would like their campaigns to reach their customers. Mobile devices are now at the centre of these relationships, which often influences how agencies like DPDK will approach a piece of work. Vromans explains that: “Across all of our websites we work with responsive designs from a mobile-first approach. We’ve been seeing mobile traffic grow for years now. Therefore, all products that we develop need that mobile-first approach. We believe that if you have the perfect mobile layout, you can translate the design easily to a much better design for desktop and tablet. “We also develop many native apps. If you want to use specific features of the mobile phone such as fingerprint, camera, or the NFC-chip then you have to develop native. At the moment, for this type of project, there are no alternatives for developing native, but it could be that in the future fewer and fewer native apps will be developed. “The ways in which film productions are evolving are fascinating. There doesn’t seem to be a week in which there is not a really great idea on Kickstarter that will make shooting killer shots at low cost possible. Think of a drone that automatically follows a dynamic object or an add-on for your camera that records all your movement in order to completely eliminate those movements afterwards, giving you an always stable shot.” At its core, a creative agency is effectively only as good as the people it employs. But what are the kinds of qualities that DPDK will look for in a prospective employee and what advice would the teamgivetoanyonelookingtotakeastepintothe industry and furthering their career? “Inourprofession,everyoneisnowadigital native,somakesureyouexcelatsomething,”says vanHelten.“AtDPDKwehireforpassion,notfor experience.Wealwayslookfortheteamplayerthat is broadly oriented within the industry and wants to bethebestin[their]field.Forusasanagency,itis important that you connect to the core competences of the agency; management of change, conceptual thinking, team collaboration and production management.” As an agency in constant demand, what does thefutureholdforDPDK?Vromansconcludes:“We “Across our sites we work with responsive designs from a mobile-first approach. We’ve been seeing mobile traffic grow” expecttobothexpandanddiversify.Thedigital revolutionhasonlyjustbegunandwebelievethat ourbestdaysareyettocome!” It is difficult to define an agency like DPDK, as it strivestobedifferentwithitsapproachtoeach brief, but also how the philosophy within the company has developed. Just as the digital space is rapidly evolving, so DPDK remains on the bleeding edge of design. DPDK has evolved into a fine digital agency Story into ideas is the workflow for cutting-edge digital design at DPDK Web - DPDK.com Founders - Ferry Perret Gentil Rolf Vreijdenberger Pim van Helten Year founded - 2001 Current employees - 40 Location(s) - Rotterdam [1] Creative strategy [2] Digital production [3] Branding and campaign [4] Web and mobile [5] Motion and animation TIMELINE Year 2001 - 2005 no of employees 5 Long freaking nights with Flash as the basis for its creativity. Year 2005 - 2010 no of employees 10 - 25 Servicing production for leading ad agencies gave the team direction. Year 2010 - 2015 no of employees 25 – 40 Collaboration and production strategies formed the base of the DPDK operation. Year 2015 - 2020 no of employees 40 + Expanding core competences, innovation and entrepreneurship. pro file _________________________________________________________________ 37