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DefiningDPDKcanbedifficult,asthe agencyoffersadiverserangeofskillsto itsclients.Whethertheyneeda production company, design boutique, game studio or technology services, DPDK brings freshanddynamicsolutionstoeveryaccount.Few agencieshavethebreadthofskillsthatDPDK possesses,placingitattheforefrontofthedigital design that shapes our world. PimvanHelten,CEOatDPDK,explainshowthe agencycameintobeing:“Officially,theagency started in 2001 with Rolf Vreijdenberger and myself,butittookshapewhenIjoinedtheagency after graduating in 2004. “We offered technical production at leading advertising agencies. Back then we mainly developed with Flash and PHP, which was often thebasisforinnovativeprojectsofthe(old)web.I functioned mainly as a producer, while Rolf functioned as the creative developer. Between 2004 and 2010 we grew the agency fast, mainly because we then focused on adopting creative developers. Because we worked for many differentagencieswewereabletobuildupan outstanding portfolio, which encompassed a number of skills that were in demand.” Asacallingcard,an agency’s website is often the firstpointofcontactwitha newclient.MichaelVromans, creative director, outlines the approach that DPDK took with its design. “Our website should convey what we stand for and who[we]aregoingto cooperatewith.Itistherefore extremelyimportantforusthat we present ourselves clearly through our website.” VanHeltencontinues:“In addition,ourwebsiteisa platform to show how proud weareofourwork.Oftenour projects are complex and developedbyalargeteam.We thereforeliketohighlighthowwecametoourfinal product. Through a case study on our website we outline the background story. That takes a relatively longtimetodesign,butwelikeitsimplybecause we love our jobs.” Howagenciesactuallyearntheirworkcanbe manifold.Asoneofthelongestestablished businessesinthedigitalspace,DPDKhasbeen able to work with some of the world’s best known brands.“Weareanagencythatoftenpitchesfor “We have a broad customer base and do not have to pitch [by] default, as many customers know what they can expect” challenging projects,” Vromans tells us. “Fortunately, wehaveabroadcustomerbaseanddonothave topitch[by]defaultasmanycustomersknow exactlywhattheycanexpectfromus.Butpitching keepstheagencysharpandbringsnewinsights andideastotheteam.Itisalsogreattooutperform the competition!” With a world-class reputation that proceeds it, howdoesDPDKchoosewhichclientstowork with?Arethereanybusinesscriteriathatanew clientmustmeetforthemtobesuitableforDPDK? Vromanscontinues:“Wedonotservicealimited domain when it comes to the markets our customers do business in. “Wedo,however,haveastrongpreferencefora clientwhounderstandsthe‘what’oftechnology. Understanding the ‘what’ of technology means that youputcustomerexperienceattheheartofyour transformation–from[the]outsidein.Theykeep on innovating – it’s never over. Every improvement 34 _________________________________________________________________pro file

[to] the digital customer experience will open up new possibilities to improve the way they do business. Clients who understand the ‘what’ of technology often have a digital culture with a strong overarching digital vision. “Our service is very dependent on cooperation, so we prefer clients who bring out the best in us. We have learned that digital projects can lead to internal process changes for our clients. We assess whether or not our future clients can manage this change prior to a project. “In addition, over the years we have made our trade-offs within the industry. For example, we do not develop comprehensive e-commerce systems. Today there are specific systems, but in the past we have learned that this expertise does not fit with our core competences. We also do not offer outplacement of our team members. We like to work closely together with our clients, but do so from our own organisation.” Many agencies gain a reputation within a specific sector, or their work has a clear thread running through it that marks it out as their work. Does DPDK have any work that defines it? Van Helten explains: “Translating offline to online user experience is one of our specialties. The ‘Catch The Dragon’ campaign we created for Peugeot for instance is an interactive prolongation of a television commercial. For the film, we combined Peugeot’s existing commercial with a 360º virtual reality test drive we had already filmed in the sunny French mountains. “Peugeot’s TV commercial was filmed in Los Angeles by night and features a dragon tattoo coming alive, flying out of the new 208. It was quite a challenge to combine these completely different worlds. We blended the virtual test drive and the commercial into an interactive virtual reality film, in Attention to detail enables DPDK to make world-class campaigns INDUSTRY INSIGHT Pim van Helten, CEO “Welovetotranslateastoryintoanidea, andthentranslatetheideatoan engaging user experience through our production.Withallthenecessary specialiststhatworktogetheratDPDK we can achieve a cutting edge production within a relatively short time” DS | SIGNATURE ART Your signature is personal and unique. And that’s what car brand DS is all about: expressing yourself. To celebrate their partnership with the Dutch Filmfestival, we turn your signature into a piece of art. Just like in Hollywood, the festival boasts a boulevard of fame with autographs and hand imprints of prize-winning actors and actresses. Inspired by these signatures, we developed the ideaofleavingyourownsignatureintheavant garde style of DS. Theintroisaseamlessmixofcode,design and video all melted together. Because of this stateoftheartapproach,theintroevenplayson mobile devices. Writingyoursignatureworksbestonmobile. Just draw with your finger and voila: there it is. Visitingondesktop?Noproblem.Justconnect with your smartphone and draw on there. Your signaturewillappearonyourdesktopscreen like magic. To create the right look in 3D signature and statue,westartedoutwith3Dexperiments whereshapesweresimple.Inalineof prototypes, we added detail, texture and lighting toendupwithanatmospherethatfitstheavant gardespiritofDS. DS signature art is all about you and your personal expression, and as such the interface hasbeenkepttoaminimumbutalwaysinline with DS style. A soundtrack that really complementedtheinnovativenatureofthe projectandthebrandwasdesigned.It’s progressive, modern and a tad experimental. Signature Art is also available as an installation at the Filmfestival. We built a motion sensorcontrolledversionofthewebsitewhere visitors can write their signature by writing in thin air. pro file _________________________________________________________________ 35

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