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Getting Started - Quintic

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Quintic Consultancy Ltd. Putting Sports Science into Practice… ® www.quintic.com PO Box 2939, Coventry, West Midlands, CV7 7WH, England. Tel : +44 (0)1676 530730 Fax : +44 (0)1676 529045 [email protected] Registered in England and Wales No. 3943644

Contents Opening a video file Play at different speeds Play frame-by-frame Zoom Memo pad Email Copy to CD 1: Opening a video file Tutorial 1 – Getting Started Double Click on the ‘Quintic’ icon on your computer screen. Once you have opened Quintic you will see the Main window where the videos are played. Tabs The window should look like the above example. The number of tags across the top varies with the level of software you have but there are some common tabs that all of our software has. The Quintic Tutorial Video files are located in : D:\ Quintic Sample Videos \ Quintic Tutorial Videos. Video files are opened in this window by clicking on the yellow folder button in the top left hand corner under the Main tag. Click on this button and then double click on the Diving folder where the video ‘10m –Twist’ is saved. Double click this file or highlight it and select open. This will open the video in the Main window and automatically play it in slow motion. GO TO QUESTION 1 ON QUESTION SHEET (PAGE 11) 1 Tutorial 1 - Getting Started

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